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Kemco is a pretty consistent company when it comes to game releases onto Android, specializing in retro-style RPGs to play. Their newest game is now available on Google Play as well called Shelterra the Skylord. As with every release from Kemco, there is always at least one feature that is new that isn't in any of their other titles.


While players have all the standard features found in previous Kemco games, such as learning new skills and customizing your group with additional teammates to use, in this game the new feature is the ability to summon artifacts. If you've played any Final Fantasy game from FF IV and on, then this is something you should be familiar with. Artifacts are basically the same thing as summoning Bahamut and friends in battle.


Since this is a group-based RPG, all combat is turn-based which, if you play a lot of Kemco games you should be used to by now. There's also plenty of pixel art to enjoy while killing the bad guys and saving the world once again.

For those of you wanting to check this game out, Shelterra of Skylord is available off of Google Play for $3.99. 

Google Play Link: Shelterra of Skylord

Via: Droidgamers

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