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Today, a new game to recommend the official version of Dillo Hills.Dillo Hills ~ very interesting game.Dillo Hills with the iPhone's super-popular game is very similar to Tiny Wings

This tiny armadillo's biggest dream is to fly through the air like a bird. But without any wings, he'll have to improvise! Slide along hills to build up speed, then take to the sky and soar!

Dillo Hills features fast-paced physics, a beautiful environment, challenging obstacles, and four lovable characters who all dream of reaching the sky! The game is simple to learn, but only the best and the bravest will explore distant lands and dominate the scoreboard!

Game screen:
Variety of 2D color images, with a different flying pangolin mainland, the picture will become different from the initial tone khaki start, and gradually become green, white, blue and so many different colors.

Game story:
This is the more interesting aspects of the design, from players to help complete the flying dreams of a pangolin.

Game Music:
Began to soft piano music, leap in the continent with the pangolin increasing pace began to change quickly, while associated with the wind blowing from time to time and pangolins happy cry, to share with you a happy mood to fly in the sky.

Game points:
Night comes, the sky gray become darker, until night fell, the pangolin will go to sleep, each reached a new continent, that is, points will be calculated before the continent through time.

Game operations:
Standard touch-screen operation combined with gravity sensing of the game, by clicking on the screen to be accelerated.

1.Only support for android  2.2 and higher.
2.Please install Adobe AIR before.Down load here.


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