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A new class Mage is available in the Version 1.1.4 Update of Darkness Reborn, a mobile RPG from Gamevil. As a mystical hero with divine powers, the Mage uses an ancient pair of chakrams to attack her enemies. She is also able to protect herself and her companions through her powerful magic and being a long range class, can eliminate monsters from quite a distance.

Here are some of the Mage’s skills:

Spiral Hit: Spin two chakrams for three rapid attacks that inflict physical damage on nearby enemies.

Blink: Move swiftly to the battlefront while leaving behind magic spheres that inflict physical damage on nearby enemies.

Sacred Space: Create a sacred space and increase your and your party members’ resistance to elemental attacks for 8-10 seconds.

Darkness Reborn

Hellish Barrier: Open a hellish barrier around yourself in a large territory to inflict great damage on enemies.

Ray of Judgment: Release a penetrating ray of light to inflict physical damage on enemies within range, controlling the direction of the ray during the attack.

Download this game here:

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