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Tree Jump Adventure is an action-packed endless jumper with atmospheric graphics, simple, one-touch controls, and a catchy tune. It is also a debut game by one-man indie developer from Croatia and is available for Android and iOS.

Deep inside an ancient forest, amongst bamboo trees, players will meet Popo, a small, furry creature with an eternal desire for adventure, magic, and tree jumping.

Surrounded by the bamboo trees, magic orbs shimmer in the air, hidden from plain sight, and between them and Popo the forest hides many perils. Poisonous thorns rise from the ground, large wasps buzz in the air, and venomous spiders lurk in the shadows.

Tree Jump Adventure

There are snow storms where the trees have frozen into slippery traps with razor-sharp icicles staring down from above. Blazing fires that engulf the trees filling the air with embers and scorching fireballs will turn even the bravest adventurers away.

Tree Jump Adventure

Players will have to help Popo overcome many of those dangers: jump over thorns and fires, avoid menacing spiders and wasps, and dodge falling icicles and fireballs.

Tree Jump Adventure

Download this game here:

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