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Since Breath of Fire 5 launched on PS2 in 2002, Capcom hasn't release any news about the Breath of Fire 6 till this year at a news conference in Japan. Breath of Fire 6: Guardians of the White Dragon can be played both on browser and mobile devices. Similar to previous Since Breath of Fire, it contains both single player mode and multiple player mode. The dev. team recently released some interesting information about this new game.


The story starts with the White Dragon and Dark Dragon clans, where the current Black Empire is apparently using the Dark Dragon’s powers to trample over other nations. There are many races with unique abilities, including Humans, the Fae, Forest Clan and etc.

Single Player

"Story Mission" - Self-explanatory. "What is the secret hidden in the ancient "Dragon's Song"? History begins the trial for the descendant of the Dragon Clan."

"Dragon Transformation" - Another staple of the series returns, seemingly retaining part of its DQ system. There's a gauge that must be filled in order to activate the "D-Trans Mode" (D-トランスモード, D-toransu moodo). The full power of the dragon can sweep away enemies.


"Job and Clothes Change" - As the player levels up, one can change the Hero's job to new classes. One can also change his/her clothes in order to add special performance stats. The image in the example shows the Hero first as a "Novice", then branching into a "Slayer" (top) or "High Guard" (bottom), and then into unknown classes.

Multiplayer mode

"Multi Missions" - A special set of missions where up to four players can join together and beat on huge monsters with their synchronized attacks. Powerful items can be obtained here.

"Castle Town" - The lobby where players gather. Here one can recruit others for multi-missions, brag about their clothes or simply chat.


It is set for release in Japan sometime in 2015,  and more features and beta tests will be announced over the next few months before launch, while the date of Western release in North America and Europe currently are undecided. If any more news come, we'll be sure to let you know.

Source: Breath of Fire 6

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