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Playpark has announced Media-Only Closed Beta for their upcoming Action-Adventure mobile game, Heart Castle! This brand new mobile title is a 3D ARPG (action role-playing game) based on the lore of Alice in Wonderland. As a player, you will traverse the terrains of the enchanted land of magical creatures and dimension holes in search of Alice, who has gone missing. Through a series of adventure quests, timed missions and player versus player battles, the mystery behind the ruckus in the Wonderland will slowly unfold before your eyes.

Heart Castle

On the other hand, Playpark will unveil their Beta Premiere for the public on 24th March 2015, Tuesday, from their official Facebook page. Players can simply click on the Join Beta (Android) tab, sign up and install the Beta built instantaneously. While there will not be any data wipes after the Beta ends, players will still need to reinstall the new Heart Castle built on the day of launch. But Heart Castle will be rewarding all Beta participants with an exclusive "Early Bird Package" upon launch.

Heart Castle

What about iOS users? Fret not, because Playpark will be launching Heart Castle on Google Play and iTunes Store on the same day in early April. Also, they have prepared value-added newbie packs for iOS users to kick-start their journey in Heart Castle. Heart Castle will be published in Southeast Asia by Playpark, with the English version slated for release in Singapore and Malaysia next month.

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