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Regardless of the superb graphics and dazzling tricks, some of players like challenges. Jelly Jump by Ketchapp is a supremely addictive endless jumper for you to challenge. Reaching the best score while you are tapping the screen, then your jelly will jump up to the next platform.


The gameplay of Jelly Jump is very simply. On the two side of screen there are unending barriers that are closing just like the doors, and Black fluid is rushing out from the bottom. What you need to do is tapping the screen and let jelly jump to higher layer so as to avoid being drowned.


Jelly will change into different shape or form when it gets higher level. It's not to find that Jelly Jump is a real challenge to your reflection and agility while playing the game. If you cannot grasp the good timing to jump when the barrier is closing without any cadence, your jelly is left for dead. Interested players can give it a shot and jump as a jelly by downloading it at Wakti Store:


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