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Most of us used to have a dream of being a super hero who helps people and keeps the world peace in our childhood. But time flies, it is still a dream. Read on most popular super hero mobile games, and make your dream come true. Also, this is just on your mobile phone.

Spider-Man Unlimited

Spider-Man Unlimited is an endless runner mobile game from Gameloft. The game's premise involves Spider-Men and villains from various universes converging into a single universe. With slick production values and dozens of different Spider-Men to collect, Unlimited is a real treat for fans of the web-slinger.

As a narrative led running game, there are two modes in Spider-Man Unlimited -- Endless mode and Story mode. Divided up into issues, the first involves you tackling the Green Goblin and the second pits you against the Vulture – with future issues coming soon.

Spider-Man Unlimited

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As we all know, running is matter of the usual swipes of left, right, up, or down. But Spider-Man Unlimited mixes things up by changing the landscape frequently. Sometimes, you are free-falling; dodging whatever’s coming at you. Other times, you are slinging webs in order to leap through the sky.

Spider-Man Unlimited

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