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ActozSoft has launched the long-awaited action role play game Dragon Nest: Labyrinth on your mobile device! Currently, it is only available on Android. Dragon Nest: Labyrinth puts the fast movement and vivid gameplay of Dragon Nest into the mobile phone, it adds a unique cultivation system, players will be easier to communicate with each other in the game.


Dragon Nest mobile version is a hack and slash 3D Action-RPG with easy controls and intense animations. When seeing the familiar style with the beautiful and adorable graphics, it will remind you of the old memories, which are unique to every Dragon Nest lovers.


The story happens at an ancient dragon’s legendary treasure lies hidden within the Dragon Nest. You'll take off on a journey alongside memorable Heroes and conquer the giant dragon who stands guard!

Join the adventure to unveil the Dragon Nest! [Download]

[Unique Labyrinths]

  • A relay party-play battle system that enables you to strategically mix and match different classes.
  • Personalize your character with costumes and equipment that change your appearance in a special way.
  • A special Monster Illustration Book system that continually enhances your character’s passive skills.


[Vast Content]

  • Over 40 types of brilliant skills and actions and over 500 types of battle items
  • A diverse battle system with stages, dragon altars, battle arenas, raids, and giant nest bosses over a multitude of themes


[Strategic Growth System]

  • Endless enhancement of various skills, based on character growth, is accompanied by changes in effect and animation.
  • A growth system that evolves through runes and jewel enhancements.
  • Proven Action-RPG Dragon Nest: Labyrinth.
  • Take off on a perilous adventure alongside memorable Heroes!
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