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Angry Birds Stella POP!, a new match three game by Rovio, takes gamers and the feisty characters from Angry Birds Stella on an exciting journey of strategic bubble matching and popping to take down the iconic piggies. Read on to see the cheats, tips and guides show below:


Tap the slingshot to change out bubbles.

There are instances that the color of the bubble which is loaded in your slingshot is not the color of your target. You simply tap the slingshot to change the color of your bubble in accordance to the color of your bubble.

Use “useless” to break away wood and other objects.

If you have a group of bubbles with the same color that is being separated by only one bubble with a different color, you can burst this bubble by breaking it away like wood planks using the “useless” bubble.


Keep the Streaks going

It doesn’t really matter what character you’re playing as, but unlocking their streak power will give you a huge advantage. So always try to keep the streaks going and match until you fill it to unlock the super power – if you don’t have a nice combination of bubbles available, set up the road first and then go for a streak.

Master the wall-shots

It is extremely important to be able to bag a solid wall-shot every time you need it, so you should practice these until you become an ace – master thins technique and it will be a lot easier for you to reach the hard to get places and cruise through the levels.


Make matches and attract bees.

Bees provide additional points for you during the game so the more matches you make, the more bees you attract. These bees provide points when bubbles, debris and pigs bounce off them while they fall underneath the bottom of your screen.

End each level with as many unused bubbles in your slingshot pack as possible. You'll get bonus points for them and it can easily rack up your star rating.


Just like other bubble popping games such as Bubble Witch Saga, you'll have to get good at calculating angles. Bouncing bubbles off the wall can get you combos that you couldn't reach otherwise.

Trying to match bubbles that are half off the screen is never a good idea. It's a crapshoot and you don't know what else it's connected to. You're better off focusing on what's in your immediate viewing area.

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