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In just over a month since it launched for Windows Phone devices around the world, Perfect Shift has received 2 million downloads. Following this success, the high octane drag racing game is now going full throttle with its launch on the Google Play and Apple App Store.

Perfect Shift, produced by games development studio Lextre, is a slick and authentic drag racing game with a professional soundtrack and 3D graphics. Easy to pick up but hard to put down, the high speed racing game has multiple levels and an immersive storyline with plenty of twists.

Perfect Shift

The aim of the Perfect Shift is to win races by changing up at the right time to achieve the 'perfect shift' and beat opponents by crossing the finish line first. You will follow a central storyline which takes you through different levels and races in a range of urban settings - from abandoned tunnels to dark industrial areas and city streets. As you progress throughout the game, you will face more challenging opponents and exhilarating race scenarios.

Perfect Shift

You will have over 25 cars to choose from and can tune your cars in your own garage to improve performance on the track, by purchasing better tires, gearboxes and engines, or making strategic aerodynamic tweaks. It has an excellent soundtrack and each car has its own signature sound when racing. It was developed with its own 3D engine to ensure that it optimises speed and graphics on all devices but doesn't drain battery life.

Perfect Shift

Interested gamers can follow its official website, Facebook Page and Twitter to get more information about Perfect Shift.

Download this game here:

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