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It doesn't matter if virtual reality is here to stay this time around. Why? Well, it has already led to the creation of wonderful games like Rainy Cat Fight. This feisty feline fighting game requires two players, each with a virtual reality headset, and an Android phone. Oh, and also an umbrella as well, if possible.


Then, once they're ready, they hold their umbrellas in the air, and try to poke each other with swords (represented by the phones in their hands). It looks really strange from outside the game. But, inside, each player has been turned into a cat wearing a top hat, and floating gently through a rainy chasm, sword in hand.

It plays similarly to fencing match. Except, well, it seems to have been realised as if a Merry Melodies-style short, complete with cartoon violence and anthropomorphism abound. Get a look at it in action in the video above as you probably won't ever be able to play it. But knowing that Rainy Cat Fight exists might be enough to brighten your day, no?


Source: pocketgamer

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