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Cheats4Hire, a strategic puzzle game for tablets featuring a unique setting and gameplay, will be available on Android and iOS in later March. It will make a principle out of playing it smart - without giving the player a bad conscience. The mix of subject-matter, scenery and genres in Cheats4Hire breathes fresh life into mobile gaming, as the player follows a group of cheaters and their mentor.

In addition to its cheeky theme, Cheats4Hire generates excitement through its unusual storyline and its elaborate, hand-drawn graphics. The graphics themselves were contributed exclusively by renowned comic artist and graphic designer Sean Galloway, famed for his work for many major US comic publishing houses. His creations give Cheats4Hire a wholly special, modern look that is unique in gaming.


Cheats4Hire gives players an entirely new perspective on school; because with Cheats4Hire no-one need succumb to  exam panic, since tasks are overcome as a team - and using tricks such as crib sheets. The principle behind the game is quickly revealed to the gamer: the player uses multitasking to control three of the smart cheaters in real time, applying their individual skills and combining them, since it is only as a team that you only succeed in the puzzle-type missions.


As the game progresses, the individual characters can acquire new skills. The fun builds again as players release special gadgets created with materials they've collected, or kit out their own club-room, the "Cheaters Club", with items earned by doing well in mastering the challenges.


Interested gamers can find the Cheats4Hire community on its Facebook Page and Twitter.

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