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Recently, Monument Valley, a puzzle adventure game developed by ustwo has awarded the most popular game in IMGA and the most-watched and creative mobile game in GDC 2015.

In Monument Valley, you will play as Princess Ida, and begin your adventure by navigating through an Escher-inspired world of shifting perspectives, impossible shapes, and grumpy crow people who caw at you when you get in their way. There are two ways for you to analyze the various levers and twisting points. One is as an experience, then, the other is as a game.

Monument Valley

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The operation is simple. What you need to do is tapping on the world to send Princess Ida scurrying to that position, and then a variety of visual indicators will tell you which parts of the current level you can manipulate.

The levels are really things of beauty. There are some interests to behold, just like the clever relationships between positioning, perspective, the shifts and changes you create with your poking and prodding. Each challenge is a multi-faceted thing, with huge open chambers and tightly packed spaces, all of them chiseled to perfection like digital sculptures.

Monument Valley

But Monument Valley isn't a game about stillness in fact. The real joy lies in its movement. Because it's an interactive piece of art, and what you input are as important as those of the developer.

Monument Valley

Even something as simple as moving from one set of stairs to the next, is a perfectly balanced game of dodge and sneak, with the simple controls making everything effortless. The only real niggle is that it doesn't last long enough. You'll run through the levels in one sitting, even if you explore every nook and cranny. But the story fits the chunk of levels you're presented with perfectly and you don't feel cheated when the credits roll.

Monument Valley

In a word, if you are a fan of creative puzzle game, Monument Valley is a great choice. It is available to download on Wakti now, come on and begin your adventure journey!

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