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The Award-winning zombie shooter Dead Effect is going to have a sequel. Surprising no-one, it's called Dead Effect 2, and it will be launched to both iOS and Android in the third quarter of 2015.

Dead Effect 2

The game takes place in space in the future, on board the ESS Meridian. And just the same as its predecessor, there are lots of zombies to shoot. Besides, Cyborgs, drones, and other "evil" entities will also turn up so you can sock them in the face. You can use guns, blades, ninja stars and other weapons this time around.

Dead Effect 2

The biggest change or, at least, the one that BadFly is shouting loudest about is that it has partnered with Nvidia. This means Dead Effect 2 will have "maximum support" for Tegra chips. The studio is also ensuring the game has optimal performance on the 4K Nvidia Shield console.

Via pocketgamer.co.uk

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