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Nowadays, MOBA Game (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games) has become more and more popular. In MOBA Games, players are always divided into two different teams, and will compete against each other in the decentralized maps. You can control your character through an interface with a RTS style. Here are the most classic MOBA Games for android, read on and begin your journey in the MOBA world.

Heroes of Order & Chaos

Heroes of Order & Chaos is a classic MOBA title from Gameloft, providing three unique arenas where players can fight in 3v3 or 5v5 real-time battles, including player vs player, co-op, and solo matches.

In Heroes of Order & Chaos, there are only three maps with each mission taking around 20 minutes to upwards of an hour to complete.  You will find a lot of fun when diving into the map, seeking out the opposing enemies and pushing the attack to their base, destroying enemy towers along the way.

Heroes of Order & Chaos

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There are 30 different types of characters, including fighters that get up in the enemies’ faces to hack and slash at them and mages that can fire attacks from a safer distance. Each character type is fun and unique. Heroes of Order & Chaos provides different play styles, and each character comes with a set of four skills which can be earned and equipped during battle. And then, if your health is low, run away is the best choice. Each character is exciting in its own special way and provides different abilities that can fit a player’s specific style of play.

Heroes of Order & Chaos


• Play for free with different characters, enjoying a changing rotation of free Heroes

• Develop and upgrade your skills and equipment throughout the game to overpower your foes and carry the game!

• Real-time action: roam over the map and lure your opponents to ambush them in the fog of war

• Blend cooperation with buddies and competition against the opposing team into addictive games

• Develop team play and strategies to rule the world of Haradon

Download Heroes of Order & Chaos here:


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