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A major content update for Deep Loot, Monster and Monster's hit underwater adventure game, will be released Thursday 29th January, 2015 for both Android and iOS devices.

Deep Loot

Deep Loot is an oceanic explore-'em up designed for mobile devices. There's loot, deadly sea creatures and secrets to be found. On-the-fly procedural content means you can explore the ocean in every direction without limits and without waiting. There are hundreds of unique loot items to find as well as equipment and upgrades to spend your profits on.

Deep Loot

This update will include a ton of new content for players to find and unlock including a whole bunch of stuff suggested by passionate fans. This includes new suits, ships and secrets as well as 50 new items of loot. New missions and achievements have also been added alongside a brand new feature allowing players to sell completed collections for extra coins.

Deep Loot

New Content

• x7 New collections containing 50 new pieces of special loot

• x7 New Suits

• x5 New Ships

• x6 New achievements

• Dozens of new missions

• LOADS of new locations, Easter eggs and secrets

 New Features

• Ability to sell completed collections for coins

• Ability to rank up collections

Donwload this game here:

available_on_googleplay available_on_appstore

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