SF Launcher Is A Beautiful Google Now Inspired Launcher For Your Android Device

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The ability to run custom launchers on Android devices is something that, to many, gives the Google platform the edge on its competitors. We feature plenty of launchers here at Redmond Pie, each of which tends to offer its own unique quirk, and and today’s offering is no different. Named SF Launcher, it is currently in early alpha stage, but already bears the hallmarks of a very promising home screen alternative.

As the alpha tag implies, it is still a little rough around the edges, so as such, we only recommend installing on a device you wouldn’t consider to be your "daily runner".

Please note, SF Launcher is currently portrait-only, and while it will run on Android tablets, it has yet to be tailored to do so. In addition, the current alpha release has issues with updating widgets, so in a sense, it’s only really in experimental stage at his point in time.

Still, despite its shortcomings, it shows much promise, and if you have a spare Android smartphone knocking about, you should give it a go by clicking on the download link below.

The developer seems pretty keen to move onwards and upwards, but of course needs the help of users, so by downloading and submitting bug reports  you can help turn SF launcher into one of the very best available on Android.

But hey, we get the gorgeous UI of Google Now right on our home screen, what else do we really want, right?

(Source: SF Launcher Alpha for Android on Play Store)


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