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Undead Slayer
Evil forces have swept across Ancient China. Battle your way through endless hordes of Undeads. Become the hero to restore the Empire. SLAY or be SLAYED!

Game Ratings

Although the game is just with 3D image, the picture is exquisite.

The music is very magnificent.

As a action game, it have three battle modes and lots of weapons in it. Players can always experience different fun.

The game with a background in Three Kingdoms Period, let players back to 2000 years ago cut the undead.

Undead Slayer give me a very excited action game experience.

Undead Slayer is an action game based on the Three Kingdoms Period, which is developed by Korean NHN Corp. Most traditional games based on Three Kingdoms are all about Bei Lau, Yu Kuan and Fei Chang, but in this game Dun Hsia-hou is the protagonist. While those famous officers belonging to Shu Kindom all become BOSS leading the undead. And the protagonist will have endless fighting with those officers.

As an action game, usually it’s difficult for users to adapt to visual handling in touching screens. But it won’t happen in Undead Slayer. Players can carry out attacks, defense or combos according to the length of time by touching the screen and gesture-based dragging

Besides abundant skill systems, the game also has a variety of settings in aspect of fighting scene and mission. After kill enemies in more than 90 battlefields, player still need to protect the carriage transporting supply, besiege the enemy headquarter and have the final battle with BOSS.

The game has three battle modes: general, limited time and 3-live mode. Besides Dun Hsia-hou, player can choose other role to play. Meanwhile, there are lots of weapons including sword, spear, axe, arch and even Kong Fu and Chi Gong for players to choose. No matter what role player choose, player can always experience different fun in the game.

Such content-rich RPG game is just 40M in size, and it’s compatible with lots of Android devices. Undead Slayer has various battle modes, pure RPG factors and splendid fighting scenes. All in all, it’s really an excellent five-star must-have game.

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