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It’s never nice to see a phone’s launch being delayed, especially when the device itself doesn’t look awfully attractive to start with, but at least Samsung will be making good on its (second) promise regarding the Galaxy Premier release.

The slightly downgraded Galaxy S3 lookalike has been unveiled in Taiwan earlier today, where it’s expected to launch “later this month”. The Premier has also been officially priced there, being set to start at 15,900 TWD, or around $550 ($548, to be more exact).

That’s much better than the $680 price point announced for Ukraine back in October, but to be fair Asian and European prices are very seldom comparable. Still, something tells us that Samsung will be looking to trim Premier’s price across the old continent too, even if with only $20 or $30.

We’re also confident that Taiwan won’t be the only market to get the Galaxy Premier in January, with people across Asia, but also in countries like Russia or Ukraine that should wait to hear something official any minute now.

The Taiwanese debut of the 4.65-incher has confirmed another tidbit that was previously only rumored, namely the existence of a grey Galaxy Premier besides the white model introduced last year. This darker painted Premier will see daylight soon as well, but it shouldn’t be out before February. Anyone waiting for the Premier with bated breath? Will you go for the white, the grey phone or are you hopeful that there’ll be other funkier variants as well?

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