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As an AirDroid user myself, I was pleased to discover that the 2.0 beta has now been released to the general public.

For those uninitiated with the brilliance of AirDroid, it’s a simple application which gives you access to various phone features through your web browser. You can transfer files from your handset or tablet to your PC wirelessly, or access your photo albums, music and videos from your phone and play them on your computer. You can also manage your apps and contacts too.

I haven’t mentioned one of AirDroid best features though, the ability to check call logs and send/receive SMS messages through your web browser. So whilst working at your PC you can easily keep check of who’s contacting you without having to look down at your phone.

The AirDroid 2.0 beta contains several improvements over the old version. Firstly you no longer need to input a code to verify your online connection. You now simply click accept on your device when you attempt to connect, which is immediately more convenient. There’s also the new option to remotely control the camera on your device.

If you register with AirDroid you’ll be able to access your device over the internet, rather than just via WiFi. Registration also grants you access to use the “find phone” feature, enabling you to locate your device using its last known GPS location.

I’m a big fan of this app, and the beta update has added some excellent new features. If you want to grab the beta before AirDroid 2.0 officially hits Google Play, then you can download theapk here.

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