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Candy Crush Soda Saga is the match-three sequel to King’s mega-hit Candy Crush Saga. In this game, you match up three or more identical pieces of candy to score points, clear obstacles, and raise soda levels to guide floating bear candies to the top of the screen. Here are some Candy Crush Soda Saga Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you keep your sanity in Candy Land.


Make matches at the top

We normally know that we have to make matches at the bottom in match three games or Candy Crush Saga, but in this particular case, things are a bit different: since pieces come from the bottom upwards, it’s important to make the matches at the top in order to increase the chances of chain reactions and better scores. Just learn how different matches have different effects on the direction of the tiles and make matches accordingly!


In the Bubble Bears stages, remember to match up pop bottles to make the soda level rise – If you’re already familiar with Candy Crush Saga and / or any number of match-three games, you’re probably going to enter a stage and begin idly matching up candy pieces. That’s not always the key to victory in Candy Crush Soda Saga, though. In stages where you need to make “Bubble Bears” float to the top of the stage, it’s important to match up pop bottles so that the soda level will rise and take the bear with it. Don’t idly waste moves.


In Frosted Bears stages, focus on making matches over ice – Frosted Bears stages can be difficult because clearing away ice often requires more than a single match. Focus as much as possible on making matches over ice, especially thick ice that requires two matches to clear.

The Fish Tile is vital

You can use the fish tile to your advantage, and should always do so: you get it randomly in levels or when creating a square with your existing tiles. Then, when you have a fish tile, you can either match it in a series to get a random juice tile removed or you can simply switch it with a nearby tile to remove a juice tile of that color. Extremely useful, especially for getting those hard to get juice bottles and on many occasions, the key to victory! (Bonus: Match it with a donut for a complete madness!)


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Remove blockers first

The most important tiles to focus on removing are the blockers. Do everything you can to remove them off the board first, as they make things a lot more complicated for you.

Use the special bombs together

I know that as soon as you get a special tile, you’re tempted to use it, but remember that if you used it in combination with another super tile, you will get an even greater effect, so try to save those on your board and match them together for extra points.


In multi-screen Bubble Bears stages, the soda level will continue to rise on the next screen even if the first screen is filled up – Even if one screen is filled up with pop, don’t stop matching pop bottles! The excess pop will spill onto the next board, helping your Bubble Bear rise that much more quickly.

On a large Frosted Bears stage, start off by spreading your matches to locate the position of as many bears as possible – If you have a lot of ground to cover (and a lot of Bears to find) in a Frosted Bears stage, start out by making matches in different corners of the game board. This will help you pin down the location of the Bears, and you can zoom in from there.


Don’t use the suggested moves

In some occasions, the suggested moves are really useful and good, but generally they are not. Before using a suggested move, make sure that there’s no better option on the board for you!


Replay levels

I know this doesn’t sound like strategy advice, but it actually is. Each time you start a new level, you will get a new board with new pieces and eventually, you will get a lucky draw. So if you’re having trouble beating or, more importantly, getting the three star rating in a level, replay it over and over again until eventually you will make it!

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