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Yesterday, we told you about Huawei’s efforts to introduce a quad-core Android handset that would sell off-contract for just $225. That’s a fantastic price, but we weren’t quite sure how many sacrifices were being made to deliver the phone so afford ably, not knowing important details like the screen’s resolution. Today, we’re learning about a very similar-sounding phone, this time from ZTE, and now sporting a 720p display.

The ZTE U956 will supposedly be going up for sale for what works out to just about $240.

Specifically, the U956 should have a five-inch 720p screen, an eight-megapixel main camera, and like that Huawei phone from yesterday, run a quad-core Mediatek SoC. Like we pointed out at the time, you shouldn’t expect Snapdragon-level performance, but it’s still apparently a pretty power-efficient, decently-performing chip.

The U956 is expected to be launching in China quite soon, and we haven’t yet seen any indications of it showing up elsewhere. That’s a shame, because we’d like to see more models like this enter the global mid-range market.

Source: GizChina
Via: Unwired View

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