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Flashout developer Jujubee is putting its futuristic hover cars in the garage for a while, as its next iOS and Android game is a fantasy RPG about magical realms, turn-based combat, and spells.

Spellcrafter: The Path of Magic is an RPG with tactical turn-based combat, and takes place in a magical world where you can collect gold, take quests, recruit heroes, and make moral choices. So far, so Final Fantasy.

But what makes this game unique is the spell casting system. Sure, you can pick your attacks and other magic incantations from a menu, but surely it's quicker to just draw out that spell's sign on the touchscreen?

The game recognises your squiggle and automatically casts the correct spell from your collection. That should make those turgid turn-based battles go a bit faster.

The game is currently in Early Access on Steam, where it has received mixed reviews. iOS, Android, and Windows Phone players will be able to judge for themselves in the coming months when it hits mobile devices.

Spellcrafter will be a premium game with no in-app purchases.


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