Mobile Casino Market Will Keep Growing at 2017

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For those who are wondering, there’s no doubt that the mobile casino market will continue to grow in 2017. This is, in part, due to the fact that over 80 countries all over the world have legalized online gaming But, for a comprehensive understanding of the kind of growth one can expect, it’s essential that you learn about the trends that will have the biggest impact on this industry, both now and into the future.

Interested in learning more? To help you out in this endeavor, we have listed the main trends that could potentially and significantly offer the casino gaming market:

Female Gamers Are Playing More Than Ever Before

The gambling industry, especially online, is typically dominated by males. But, in 2015, it was shown that the female gambling population is responsible for making a huge contribution to the market.

Out of the entire female demographic, it was found that women under the age of 35 had the biggest presence on online casinos in 2015. As a result, more casinos are taking note. And, to keep up with the demand, they have begun to add slot games and other features that will attract women to their sites.

Boost in the use of debit and credit cards

One of the biggest challenges to the mobile gaming market is that there are still some countries where this pastime is illegal. And, even in places where it's not (like Norway, South Korea, Portugal, and Japan) the rules of engagement are very strict.

Still, there's no need to worry -the governments of these countries will not fully make online gambling illegal. If they do, they risk losing revenue that's generated by the ads on these sites. Plus, these restrictions have not placed a damper on gamers' enthusiasm. Users in these countries are still able to access foreign websites using a proxy server and doing their financial transactions with international debit or credits.

Consumer Gambling Habits are Being Changed

The increasing popularity of social and mobile gambling are the probably two of the biggest factors that will increase the growth of the overall online gambling market, both now and for the foreseeable future. Furthermore, the boost in the usage of smartphones and the internet has propelled gambling vendors (like Spelautomater Casino) to create innovative social gambling games. This is largely as a result of the fact that many of us love competing with our friends, especially when gambling socially. As such, the popularity of social gaming has increased because mobile games give us the ability to interact and socialize through the games.

Gambling Without Cash

One of the biggest benefits of playing in a mobile casino is that it's not necessary to carry your money around like you have to when visiting with brick and mortar type casinos. All mobile casinos have a plethora of payment options available, like Paypal, Neteller, etc. This also helps vendors as well because these options give them the ability to monitor the spending history of their patrons. In turn, this helps them create customized offers that better meet the needs of the individual gamer.

Marketing Strategies

One of the biggest obstacles that vendors in this industry have to face is finding a way to communicate with their customers via social media and their mobile devices without being a nuisance. Nowadays, most of us have gotten tired of intrusive advertising and, as a result, we install ad blockers and plain out ignore such advertising. As such, marketers have to find a way to make their content entertaining, informative, and attractive to potential and new customers.

There you have it, the 5 trends that will impact (whether positively or negatively) the future of mobile gaming. Still, despite any barriers, the market is on track to keep growing by leaps and bounds in coming years.


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