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Facebook Messenger rolled out a new update last night, bringing with it the ability to send voice messages to your friends and family.

The new feature is pretty simple. In order to use it, you simply press and hold the big record button within the app and speak out what you want to say. The only real limitation here is that the recording must be no longer than sixty seconds.

After releasing the button, the message is automatically sent. Keep in mind that this works like voicemail, meaning it will be saved and the person you sent it to can listen to it at their earliest convenience. The sound quality with the messages is said to be reasonably good, though don’t expect it to be perfect.

Outside of their new voicemail feature, Facebook is also in the early testing phases of a VoIP audio calling feature.

The new feature is being tested in Canada right now, and could eventually roll out to the United States as well. Unfortunately, the test form of the VoIP feature is a bit limited at the moment. The feature only Canadian users with the iOS version of Facebook Messenger at the moment, but at least it is a start. Hopefully Canadian Android users will get in on the VoIP test at some point in the near future as well.

Do you see yourself using the new voicemail feature in Facebook Messenger? How about the Facebook VoIP, would you like to see it come to your local region?


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