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With the OUYA moving closer and closer to actually arriving in our living rooms, it’s only natural that we’ll start to see some competition. Enter the GameStick.

PlayJam, more known for its efforts in the smart TV field, launched a Kickstarter campaign for a product it calls the GameStick today. The project will be funded if it hits $100,000 by February 1, and having already raised over $44,000 at the time of this writing, that seems like likely. It seems to be a combination of the OUYA and the Android-powered HDMI sticks we’re seeing more of lately.

While the announced specs aren’t as powerful as those in the OUYA, this should allow PlayJam to sell the GameStick for a planned $79–cheaper than the already-inexpensive OUYA. Low prices seem to be a recurring theme with the GameStick, as its Kickstarter page mentions that games will generally sell for just a few dollars, with some even being free-to-play. Of course, the main gimmick is that the entire “console” fits inside the controller.

Is There Such A Thing As Too Cheap?

One of the main criticisms leveled against the OUYA when it was initially announced was that it was essentially a smartphone without the screen, and in a much larger box. With the GameStick being less powerful, will people take it seriously, or will it continuously play second fiddle to the OUYA?

For more details, see the press release below the article, or check out the video below, which features a working prototype.

Do you think PlayJam’s GameStick could become successful? For that matter, do you even think the OUYA will be a success?

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